No Focus On The Broken Basics

If the only way to turn the US and other countries economies around is manufacturing why are so many CADCAM companies refusing to focus on the badly broken basics in CAM and why does no one in the CADCAM press question this fact? The reasons for this are many. Here are two:

It  doesn't sell ad copy.

Many CAM "reporters" don't have a clue what they are reporting on.

The two reasons given above are especially true with glossy, ad driven magazines like Develop3D. For years Al Dean has regurgitated anything a CAM company demos to him or gives him in a press release. With all the sources available to Al Dean on social media sites like Twitter, he still can't seem to find the time to do proper reporting and use freely available sources that would gladly point out what the real problems are with the CAM programs that he for years has heaped praise on to get their ad business. Recently there was a backlash to the typical fluff piece Al Dean of Develop 3D does on CAM. You can read it here:

 Develop3D Bogus "Review" of FeatureCAM and DFS

Needless to say Al Dean promptly did a 180 turn and banned me from posting to the Develop3D blog (informing me of this on Twitter) when he couldn't handle legitimate criticism of how poorly he reports on CAM or do the proper job of moderating the Develop3D blog.

While Al Dean attempted to accuse me of personal attacks he engaged in several of his own against both myself and Roopinder Tara. Roopinder Tara is a much better writer than Al Dean is and he asks questions about the CADCAM industry that Al Dean never has.

Here is a spreadsheet done by Featurecam users who are very unhappy and want serious improvements made to Featurecam. Under Delcam ownership Featurecam no longer gets the kind of fast paced, serious cutting edge development it use to get when EGS owned Featurecam.  I provided a link to this spreadsheet to Al Dean before he did his regurgitated press release review of FeatureCAM and Delcam For SolidWorks. Naturally Al Dean did nothing with this information and never mentions it in his regurgitated press release fluff review.

User Suggested Improvements To Featurecam

Keep Delcam honest? Ask Delcam hard hitting questions about their lack of development on Featurecam and why it's fallen so far behind? Mention anything about the CAD in Featurecam being 10 years or more behind and totally obsolete? Mention anything in the spreadsheet link above where users lay out what they need from Delcam for Featurecam development? Not Al Dean. Not a chance. He wants that ad money to keep flowing into the Develop3D coffers and to hell with writing anything objective about Delcam, Featurecam or Delcam For SolidWorks.

Are many long time or former Featurecam users happy with Delcam and what they have done for  with the development  on Featurecam? You tell me:

What Featurecam Users In The US Think Of Delcam

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