Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reasons Why What You Read In The CADCAM Press Has No Credibility

As soon as you take advertising money from those you write about you have lost any hope of  being objective about the subjects you write about. There is no way you are going to be able to keep that advertising revenue and tell the whole truth about the product you are reviewing. As a result it's all about lots of glossy pictures, trying to be funny with ridiculous hyperbole, etc. The pathetic low standard that exists now mirrors what goes on in the real world with pretend journalism, Faux News, etc. This blog is for those few who want to read opinions from someone who has a fair amount of CADCAM experience, has a reputation for cutting through the massive amounts of bullshit that gets tossed around when it comes to CADCAM, doesn't take advertising money, isn't a product fanboi and has no desire for financial gain. You can count on the fact that this blog will be hated by more product fanboi's, those who create training material and for any product they can make money with and aren't honest with the products limitations and by those who for years have produced absolute bullshit articles when it comes to CADCAM... especially CAM.

A prime objective of this blog will be to point out those that do a good job on reviewing and discussing CADCAM  by trying much harder than the majority to be objective because even though their blogs may not be that popular they deserve to be rewarded for their efforts at trying to produce objective content. On the other hand I'm going to go after the hypocrites and the phonies very hard and that may result in lots of complaints about this blog and it coming down. If this happens I intend to move it off shore so I can say what needs to be said without censorship. The truth is that Google and WordPress hosting don't exactly have stellar records when it comes to allowing free speech and I expect many complaints to be filed against this blog.

So lets start with hypocrites:

Here is a video that tells it like it is about Rhino done by Adam OHern who goes by the name the cadjunkie. It was done a few years ago and it really bangs the point home that Rhino solids suck and that Rhino filleting sucks. In this video (link below) Ohern rightly claims that he can't use Rhino without SpaceClaim. He's got that right because it's absolutely ridiculous that after all these years Rhino still doesn't have had decent solids or decent filleting:

Adam Ohern On Rhino And SpaceClaim

Several years later an new product called TS Elements becomes available for SolidWorks. The problem with TS Elements is that it's very incomplete when used just with SolidWorks and one has to rely heavily on Rhino or I guess Modo (I've never used Modo). Adam Ohern is now paid / sponsored / whatever term you would like to use by T Splines the creator of TS Elements. Needless to say Adam Ohern doesn't have the nuts or the honesty to come out and tell you that TS Elements suffers from the same kind of badly incomplete tool set that Rhino does. When I question Adam Ohern about this and his lack of being forthright on Twitter he goes berserk.

Bottom line is that if Adam Ohern (the cadjunkie) can now make money with the T-Splines people backing him so it's very convenient for him to forget all about mentioning what an incomplete product TS Elements is or that T-Splines probably shouldn't have the owner of Rhino sitting on their board.

It goes without saying that Adam Ohern now has nothing of substance to say in regards to TS Elements which should be running inside of  SpaceClaim (a product he once touted as great) and that he should be able to use TS Elements without having to resort to using Modo to do what TS Elements and SolidWorks really should do without a third product in the mix.

Update To The Above: 

Adam Ohern and I seem to have moved past this disagreement. I don't agree with how Adam handled the above situation but I think he's decent guy who doesn't hold a grudge. 

Creo Parametric:

Creo Parametric has been reported by the CADCAM press as being a total redo of Pro/E Wildfire with a new easy to use Windows Ribbon user interface. No one that I know of in the CADCAM press actually took the time to see if this was really the case and just reported the complete bullshit that PTC fed them.

Creo Parmetric user interface is little more than a cosmetic rehab of Pro/E Wildfire (which in itself was a cosmetic rehab of Pro/E) 

Once again PTC has not come close to delivering what they promised they would deliver with Creo. 

Here is the proof in screenshots of Creo Parmetric 1.0 showing the CREO Parametric still has tons of UNIX based menus in it. 

SolidWorks Fog Blogs Are Dying:

SolidWorks blogs are dying a painful slow death and the leading SolidWorks "fog blog" that Matt Lombard runs is stale because of his censorship and because he's an arrogant, pompous, manufacturing idiot. Several SolidWorks users posting to SolidWorks own forum have pointed this out to Lombard. His answer is to run back to his own fog blog and rant and rave in an environment he can control.

For years Matt Lombard touted Mastercam as the leading solution for CAM programming on Usenet despite the fact that he has no real machining experience and couldn't machine his way out of a paper bag if he tried. Those of us using Mastercam on a daily basis knew how full of "s" Lombard was with his constant recommendations for SolidWorks users to buy Mastercam. The reality is that Mastercam is a cobbled together legacy code product with tons of problems and no where close to market leading technology. Mastercam is currently being dumped by more and more long time Mastercam customers who've had enough of the bugs that never get fixed, the horrible treatment they get from CNC Software where the dealer always comes before the end user, etc.

On SolidWorks “fog blogs” like Matt Lombards, products that are much more advanced than Solidworks, like Missler’s TopSolid CADCAM 7, with its built in PDM, no need for configurations, their own 2D and 3D constraint manager, etc. don’t ever get discussed.

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